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Located: 410 Air Park Dr. Oceano, CA 93445

Mailing: PO Box 476 Oceano, CA 93475

Office Hours: Mon– Fri 9 AM-5 PM

Bar Hours:
Monday– Thursday 1 PM to 8 PM or last call
Friday-Sunday: 12 PM to 8 PM or last call
Brunch Sunday: 9 AM to 8 PM or last call

Lodge Phone Number:
(805) 489-2504
Lodge Fax Number:
(805) 489-2501

Email: elks2504@gmail.com

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Events This Month

Apr. 5th SLO Co. Track Meet 8 AM- 4: 30 PM
Apr. 12th PER's "mini" Crab Crack 6:30PM $30 Pre-Sale
Apr. 14th Indoctrination at 7:30PM
Apr. 19th DD Clinic @ Santa Barbara Lodge 9:30 AM
Apr. 21st House Committee & B.O.D. Meetings 7:30 PM
Apr. 25th Ritual Contest
Apr. 26th Ritual Awards Dinner 6 PM
Apr. 22nd Initiation Dinner 6PM
Events Coming Up this Year
May 11th Mother's Day Brunch Time & Price TBD ------------------- June 15th Father's Day Brunch Time & Price TBD --------------- Sept. 6th PER's Annual Shrimp Peel 6:30 PM price TBD ----
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Welcome to the Oceano / Five Cities Elks Lodge #2504 Website


Oceano Elks Lodge was chartered in March 23, 1974 in its present location.

How all that came about is an interesting story.

chartered_1974Many years ago, probably in the 1940′s, there was a real estate office located on the corner of Highway 1 and what is now Pier Ave., just up from the Lodge. It’s unique design included a three story tower that Harold Guiton, the developer, used to enjoy relaxing in. When it was no longer needed, the office was torn down, however, the tower was moved to a vacant lot across the street from the Lodge where it laid for several years. In the early 1950′s the tower was incorporated into a new drive-in built across the street. The drive-in was called Skipper’s. Built separately up the street was a bar, called The Sands. Eventually Skipper’s closed until a local cook leased the building. He added a dining room and opened a Mexican restaurant called Spanish Seas. He eventually built his own restaurant on the corner of Highway 1 and Pier. This popular restaurant is still going strong, now called Juan’s Cantina. After the Spanish Seas moved, the building and the bar next door sat vacant until a few men looked into opening an Elks Lodge in the Five Cities area. They eventually got the charter and leased this property on a lease-buy agreement. The 500 charter members were initiated on March 23,1974 at the Arroyo Grande High School. Our Lodge, located within easy walking distance of the beach, and with a large RV area, is a popular place to visit. We are now approaching 1400 members and have many activities on the calendar.


Taco Baskets

Wednesday Night Menu- 1 April 2014

Fish Fry




Steak Night